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What is Brandstage?

Learn more about the Brandstage experience

Brandstage is a consumer experience that allows a brand to rapidly prototype insights, creative territories, or even consumer personas using improvisation.

Act I


Brandstage starts with a discovery process to understand your brief. What are your objectives and key questions? Who is the target, and what emotional territories do you hope to explore? Who will attend from marketing, agency, product, sales, etc.? You are an integral part of the session design, as you review the recruiting specs for the consumer audience, the inputs for improvisation, and the discussion prompts. As a final step, we brief your full cross-functional team, so every attendee knows what to expect from the Live Consumer Session.

Act II


This is a 2- to 3- hour live session hosted in a theater setting with around twenty consumer respondents seated in the audience. Your team also sits in the theater, near enough to observe consumer reactions. From the stage, the Brandstage team prompts consumer conversation, which drives improvised scenarios created by the Second City cast. Moderated discussion explores the improvisation and feeds the next round of improvisation. The characters and situations that emerge become a lexicon for a consumer conversation rich in specifics and often become the building blocks for articulating insights and ideas.



When the consumers leave, we unpack the Live Consumer Session in this half-day facilitated Spark Session. Blending Kantar’s process for strategic inquiry and Second City’s favorite tools for ideation and small group work, we uncover and refine the most potent areas of insight or creative direction.

Act IV


We bundle the learning into an impactful toolkit that carries key discoveries back to your organization. You get everything you need to drive the next step of your process: session capture through notes, quotes and video; executive summary with key insights and explored territories; recommendations from the Brandstage team.



The Brandstage research can help you learn the consumer story, but you still need to tell it to the people who matter in your organization. Your new insight won’t sell itself. Your Brandstage team can create skill-building programs to help you tell the story, present the insight, and gain alignment across your toughest internal audiences.