Why Brandstage?

Discover why Brandstage works.

The Typical Marketing Process

The typical marketing process is a game of telephone: insights to strategy to creative and finally out to the consumer audience.

The Brandstage Process

Brandstage brings all of the players into the room together, and puts the consumer at the center of that process to help remove the guesswork from branding strategies.

Why it Works

It's Empowering

Consumers see their perspectives acknowledged and reflected on stage. They share more boldly. The performers are skilled at connecting with the audience and giving them permission to be honest and vulnerable.

It's Productive

Improvisation generates more scenarios, characters, quotes, and metaphors per minute than any other process. Humor lowers the stakes, quickly creating an abundance of possible directions.

It's Collaborative

Improvisation is an ensemble-based art form. In Brandstage, we work side-by-side to discover new territory, blurring the lines between the different functions within your team and the consumers. Side effects might include newfound empathy for the consumer – and each other.

It's Proactive

By collaborating directly with your consumers to rapidly prototype ideas, you take less risk of a creative misstep in the marketplace.